The Marbella season we love

1st April 2023

It’s Spring, it’s Marbella, it’s all right!

Springtime in Marbella is a festival for your senses. The exquisite scents in the air, the green landscape dotted with yellow flowers, cherry blossoms and lavender. The orange blossoms are everywhere, and above all, the light and the sun. As with the bougainvillea, all the land is awaking with colour. The temperature is glorious, not so hot yet, and so fresh and airy by the seaside. Still peaceful, Spring is the Marbella season we love, a perfect balance between activities and relaxation, quietness, and social life. The weather is optimum for all sports, especially golf and hiking. The welcoming terraces of all the restaurants and chiringuitos are immaculate, ready for the big opening of the season, offering you an ideal spot to dine “al fresco” or to enjoy your lunchtime while seeing the Mediterranean. It is also a time full of cultural and religious activity, as Andalusian traditions take the streets literally with all the processions and fairs, in every little village and also at the big cities.

From Easter to Marbella Fair

Easter week marks a new beginning for both locals and tourists, when hotels, bars and shops are getting busier. Two weeks after Easter Sunday, the vivid April Fair takes place in Seville: the spell of countless Flamenco dresses, broad brimmed hats, spotless horses and carriages, and the unmistakable “casetas” in their green and red striped canvas. As April is Seville, May belongs fully to Cordoba. Every weekend you can be captivated by a traditional event, starting with the Battle of the flowers, followed by the Crosses of May festivity, then the Patio Contest when the flowery patios of the people of Cordoba are open to the public, and finishing with its Spring Fair. In June, definitely you come back to our beautiful and refreshing Marbella to enjoy our own Fair Week, this year from the 6th to the 12th.

You are always welcome to Marbella, but so much more unforgettable in Springtime! Find today your Marbella property with us and start to enjoy the sunshine and the Mediterranean lifestyle. See you at Marbella Fair!

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